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Jason Sanderson

Jason Sanderson

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329 Whitmore Lab
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-6758


Hello!  My name is Jason Sanderson and I come from Lincoln, NE.  In 2012, I graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a BS in Forensic Science and a minor in Criminal Justice.  After graduating, I took a few years off of school and worked as an Assets Protection Team Leader with Target before coming to The Penn State University (PSU).   I chose Penn State because of its unique program.  The rigorous course work, small class size, and hands on learning, are just part of the many great things about this program.  Seeing how dedicated the faculty and staff are about your education and success made my decision to attend PSU very easy.  Their knowledge of the field and real life experiences is also second to none.  After earning my Master’s Degree in Forensic Science – Chemistry track, I plan on continuing my career as a criminalist at either the state or federal level.  In my free time, I enjoy following my favorite sports teams, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, KC Chiefs, Chicago Cubs, and of course the Nittany Lions!  I also love being outdoors and enjoying nature.

Research Interests

I will be working with Dr. Jack Hietpas for my research project.  I will be exploring methods for using drones and spectroscopy tools in order to analyze environments for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  This research aims to find the best methods, and tools to use in order to identify VOCs at crime scenes.  It also aims to find safer ways for professional case workers to enter potentially hazardous environments, such as clandestine labs, and determine which compounds are present.  By bringing the lab to the crime scene, this will help expedite the investigation process.