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William Campbell

William Campbell

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William Campbell received his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Montana State University under the direction of Dr. Wynn Jennings. Coarse work included a major emphasis on organic chemistry with a strong background in Biochemistry. Research included:

1. Transition metal catalysis mechanisms of Group VIII transition metals

2. Metabolism of toxic Furano-sesquiterpines

During his graduate work, Dr. Campbell gained a great deal of expertise in NMR, IR, Mass Spectroscopy and chromatograpy.

Dr. Campbell received a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Minnesota and continued working on organometallic mechanisms of Zirconocene and Titanocene metal complexes and organic and inorganic synthesis under the direction of Professor Paul Gassman. Zirconocenes, in particular, had potential interest as carcinostatic agents.

Dr. Campbell entered industry as a research chemist in Central Research at the Dow Corning Corporation. Through several years at Dow Corning he gained expertise in surface science and silicon and organosilane chemistry. His love for chromatography coupled with his experience in silane chemistry lead to a career path in the development of HPLC Chromatography stationary phases and applications.  While at Dow Corning, Dr. Campbell worked closely with many clinical laboratories on clinical applications and product development for clinical HPLC products. Collaborations included: the Mayo Clinic, The University of Michigan Blood Chemistry laboratory, WARS analytical in Wisconsin and others.

Dr. Campbell moved to Vydac, the Separations Group where he further refined his skills in surface science, silica synthesis and evaluation, protein and peptide chromatographic techniques and development of preparative column technology. Dr. Campbell worked closely with research and production facilities of several bio-tech companies and was intimately involved in analysis, separation and preparative chromatography of major bio-pharmaceutical products.

After a brief time at a startup company, Dr. Campbell took a position at Supelco/Sigma/Aldrich as a Senior Research Scientist and quickly moved to the position of HPLC R&D manager with oversight of a staff of scientists.  In that role he has developed many new HPLC phases, done research in the mechanism of chemical separation of small molecules by HPLC, presented many seminars worldwide and worked closely with leading scientists in major pharmaceutical companies.

Additionally, Dr. Campbell has pursued his love of teaching and held Adjunct Faculty positions at several colleges and Universities since 1986 and is currently Adjunct Faculty for the Forensic Sciences Department and the Continuing Education Department at Penn State University. Through the year, Dr. Campbell teaches General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Forensic Toxicology.