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Xiao Shan Law

Xiao Shan Law

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329 Whitmore Lab
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-6758


Hello! My name is Xiao Shan Law but you can call me Kitty. I grew up in New York City and previously received my Bachelor’s Degree of Science through John Jay College of Criminal Justice. After graduating, I decided to take a year off to explore a different prospective of my life and the career I hope to build. Although I am blessed with all the available resources and knowledge around me, it didn’t seem enough. I knew I needed more than just information that I could take for granted. I decided to attend the Forensic Science Program at Pennsylvania State University because it offered a more practical approach to science along with solid concepts to build on. It has, thus far, been a fulfilling experience. Other than academia, moving to Pennsylvania has given me the place to continue with my research and time to catch up with my Doctor Who episodes!

Research Interests

I will be working with Dr. Jack Hietpas on my research project with firework residues. My interest in ballistics and explosives studies developed since my exposure to it in my undergraduate studies. Coming to Pennsylvania, I hope to continue this interest and explore more regarding the field. Through my experience at PSU, I hope to explore the characteristics of firework residues in comparison to gunshot residue and the differences that may be found between the morphologies, elemental composition and surface characteristics of the two potentially similar particles.