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Caitlin Cobern attends Pittcon 2016 in Atlanta

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In the words of Caitlin Cobern:

This year was my first trip to Pittcon and my first time giving an oral presentation on my research.  I was nervous right up until the moment I got up there, but I gave the talk and it was an absolutely wonderful experience and I am so happy that I was able to present there.  The conference lasted from March 6th through March 10th and I was there for the entirety of it.  Other members of the Dorman research group were also presenting and we all attended each other’s talks, branched out and went to talks that were more fitting for our interests, and frequented the exhibitors together.  It was amazing to be able to talk to the exhibitors about their new products and in some cases see how they are being utilized.  I was able to attend forensic science related talks, looked at multiple forensics related posters, and also branched out to attend several nanotechnology related talks that were equally fascinating.

Atlanta was a very interesting city to visit.  It had a big city feel, like you would expect in Pittsburgh, but you were able to find areas where it didn’t feel like a large city as well.  I took some time to visit the Georgia Aquarium which was an absolute thrill, and one lab mate and I went to a jazz club for dinner one night, which was an experience in and of itself.  We had lunch in the CNN Center almost every day and passed by the World of Coca-Cola on the shuttle every morning.  There was so much to see, and I am so happy that I was able to experience it.

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