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Academic Opportunities

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Undergraduate Student Research

Students who are interested in research opportunities are encouraged to explore the faculty research overviews provided on the Research section of the program website.  Students can learn more about ongoing research projects and prerequisite course work that might be required.

Research can be conducted on a voluntary basis or credit basis.  Interested students should contact the faculty member directly to discuss the availability of research opportunities.


Several organizations offer internship experiences.  We are currently working with Career & International Education to get Forensic internship specific options for students.  Register for the SciOpps database if you haven't already done so.  If you have a specific organization that you are interested in doing an internship with, please contact the office at 814-867-2465.

Read about student internship experiences

Study Abroad

Students are able to add an international component to their academic experience through education abroad opportunities.  These programs can range from short-term experiences to semester or year-long study outside of the United States.  The University Office of Global Programs along with the ECoS Career and International Education office can provide information and resources for students who wish to study abroad.


Students interested in promoting science literacy can become involved with the outreach activities offered through the ECoS Office of Outreach and Science Engagement (OSE).  The Science-U programs offered by OSE include summer academic camps for youth participants, as well as community and campus outreach events.  Students can volunteer their time or apply for internships, work study, and paid positions offered through the OSE.

Forensic Science Club members also engage in community outreach activities.  Any student with an interest in Forensic Science is welcome to join the club and participate in the outreach efforts.

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