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Graduate Student Testimonials

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"The Penn State Forensic Science program has provided me with the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for the forensic field.  The hands-on experience from mock crime scene labs in the campus Victorian cottages truly prepared me for real world forensic situations.  Other schools do not offer such opportunities.  Intensive instructional coursesSharyn, research presentations, and course projects make us very well rounded.  Other universities require strict course work, but the flexibility of Penn State State scheduling allows students to pursue their own special areas of interest.  Ultimately, this program transforms us into the best candidates for forensic scientist positions in America."  Sharyn Miller, Chemistry 2012


Kaylie"I chose Penn State for many reasons, the main one being the incredible amount of hands on work available to the graduate students. In addition to the numerous resources available to you as a graduate student, the professors are great resources of knowledge concerning topics relevant and current in the field. They come from many different backgrounds and can help you advance in your career path, whatever it may be. I feel 100% confident in my abilities to work as a DNA analyst, because the program has challenged me to understand the theory and concepts behind my desired work int he forensic science field." Kaylie McGuire Slaughter, Biology 2011


"I chose the Penn Sate Forensic Science Masters Program for two main reasons: the faculty and the practical hands-on coursework. The faculty is extremely helpful, Laurenknowledgeable, and most importantly passionate about what they do and teach. The Masters program allows for one-on-one contact with the professors and hands on experiences that are invaluable. I picked Penn State because I knew the program would prepare me for a successful future in forensic science."  Lauren Rothwell, Biology 2011






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