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Employment/Continued Education/Internships

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Schools students have chosen to continue their education at:

(65% of our graduates have followed up on their post-graduation status, of that number 22% have chosen to continue their education)

American Systems - Latent Fingerprint Technician

Arcadia University - MS in Forensic Science

Cedar Crest University - MS Forensic Science (4)

Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Columbia Law School

Dartmouth Medical School - PhD

Drexel University

Duquesne University - Biotechnology program

George Washington University - MS Forensic Chemistry

Indiana University - PhD in Analytical Chemistry

John Jay College of Criminal Justice - MS Criminal Justice

Lehigh University

Loyola University - MS in Forensic Administration

New York University

Northern Carolina State - PhD in Molecular Toxicology

Nova Southeastern University of FL, Law School

Penn State Hershey School of Medicine

Penn State University - MS in Criminal Justice

Penn State University - PhD in BBMB

Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School

Rutgers University - PhD in Biomedical Science/PhD in Translational Medicine

Rutgers University of Medicine and Dentistry

Seton Hill University - MBA

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

Southwest Institute of Forensic Science

SUNY Upstate Medical University

Temple Law School

Temple School of Medicine

UC Davis - MS in Forensic Science

University of Alabama - PhD in Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics

University of Maryland, Baltimore - MS in Toxicology

University of North Texas Health Science Center - PhD

University of Oregon - PhD in Chemistry

University of Penn - Biotechnology Program

University of Texas - PhD in Analytical Chemistry

University of Waterloo - PhD in Chemistry

 Virginia Commonwealth University - MS in Toxicology and Trace; MS in Forensic Science

Companies/Agencies where our students are employed:

(65% of our graduates have followed up on their post-graduation status, of that number 78% have been/are employed with the below companies/agencies)

Aegis Science Corporation - Special Chemist (2); Forensic Mass Spectrometrist

Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab - Mito DNA Technician (3); DNA Technician (2)

Baltimore Police Department - Police Academy

Baxter Healthcare - Validation Scientist

Baylor College of Medicine - Research Technician

Berks County Crime Lab - Forensic Analyst

Bode Technology - DNA Technician (3); DA Analyst II

Booz Allen Hamilton Consultant - Forensics Specialist

Centers for Disease Control and Protection


ChiRhoClin, Inc. and Pharmaco Quantix, LLC

Columbus Division of Police - Forensic Scientist I

Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County - Judicial Law Clerk

Craige & Fox - Paralegal

Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner, Drug Chemistry - Forensic Scientist II

DEA - Forensic Chemist I

Denver Police Department - Forensic Scientist II

Dept. of Public Safety Crime Lab

DNA: SI Labs

FBI - Biologist (4)

Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement - Crime Lab Analyst; Evidence Technician

Gene DX - DNA Technician (2)

Genewiz - Association Scientist II

Georgia Bureau of Investigation - Trace Evidence

HACCP Assurance - Lab Technician

Ideal Innovations Inc. - Jr. Identify Exploitation Forensic Analyst

Intrexon - Lab Associate

Lancaster Laboratories - Chemist (2)

Lycoming County Coroner - Deputy Coroner

Mainline Health/Lankenau Institute of Medical Research

McKool Smith PC - Attorney

McNeil Consumer Healthcare - Chemist I

Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dept. of Radiology - Sr. Research Technician

MPI Research - Chemist

New Jersey State Police - Forensic Scientist; Criminalistics/Serology Unit

New Jersey State Toxicology Lab - Forensic Toxicologist

New Mexico Dept. of Public Safety - Forensic Scientist Biology/DNA

NLT Management Services LLC - DNA Laboratory Technician

NMS Labs - Forensic Chemist I; Lab Support Specialist II

NYPD Crime Lab - Criminalist

NYS Dept. of Ag. and Markets - Assistant Lab Technician

NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiners Office - Criminalist IB

Ohio State Highway Patrol Crime Lab - Criminalist

ORAU, IAFIS - NCI Technician

Penn State University, Forensic Science - Research Assistant (2); Criminalistics Course Assistant


Philadelphia Police Crime Lab - Forensic Scientist I DNA/Trace

Quest Diagnostics - Forensic Scientist (8); Medical Technologist I

SAUC, Frederick Cancer Genomics Research Lab - Research Associate I

SNA International - Forensic Specialist; Case Inventory Technician; Latent Print Technician

Sorenson Forensics - Forensic Serologist

SUNY Upstate Medical University


Susan Cullman Lab for Cancer Research, Rutgers University

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division - Criminalist I; Criminalist I-DNA Casework

Southwest Institute of Forensic Science

St. Clares Hospital - Progressive Care Unit

Tetracore Inc. - Research Assistant; Research Associate I (3)

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. - QC Analyst

US Army Criminal Investigation Command, Defense Forensic Science Center - Internship/Research

US Army Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate, ISP

US Dept. of Justice

United States Investigative Services, Altegrity (USIS) - Associate Investigator

United States Army - 1LT Scout Platoon Leader

United States Navy - Division Officer USS Howard

Vigilent - Assembly Technician

Wal-Mart - Zone Manager

Washington DC Department of Forensic Science - Crime Scene Unit; Forensic Scientist

Organizations where students have done internships:

Montgomery County Police Department

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, NYC

NJ State Police Crime Lab

Philadelphia Police Department – Crime Scene Unit

Metropolitan Police, DC


Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab

University of Split School of Medicine, Split, Croatia

Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office, TX

The Erie County Central Police Services Forensic Lab

Bucks County Coroner’s Office

Public Defender Service, District of Columbia

Homeland Security, Transportation Security Laboratory,  Atlantic City, NJ

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