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The analysis of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has been a focus of Dr. Holland's research for more than 20 years.  The methods he helped to develop in the early 1990's are still being used by forensic DNA laboratories around the world.  In addition, his research groups have contributed to the understanding of mtDNA mutation and substitution rates, and to the detection and interpretation of mtDNA heteroplasmy.

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Mitochondrial DNA Genome

The vast majority of Dr. Holland's research focuses on the application of molecular tools to answer questions that will benefit forensic DNA scientists working in crime laboratories.  The current projects and research being conducted by students in Dr. Holland's laboratory include 1) the use of next generation DNA sequencing approaches to tap into the lowest levels of mtDNA heteroplasmy to help discriminate between both unrelated and related individuals; 2) mtDNA analysis of ancient skeletal remains from gravesites across Croatia to answer question about ancestry and kinship, 3) better methods for differential DNA extraction with the incorporation of automated steps, and 4) the effects of performing STR analysis on low template DNA samples.

Current and prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Holland about opportunities to work in his research laboratory. More information about Dr. Holland.