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Forensic Science Club at Penn State & Theme Park Engineering Invite You to Experience their "Nuclear Fallout" Themed Haunted House
New Advanced Criminalistics: Crime Reconstruction Course added to Program Offerings
Swetha Rajagopal won 2nd place during the Undergraduate Exhibition
Local women in STEM-related professions features Elena Zavala
WPSU Penn State’s “Women in Science Profiles” aims to inspire young women to enter STEM-related fields while dispelling misconceptions about STEM professionals and their lives.
Dalí’s being dug up for a paternity test. But is his DNA intact?
A woman who has claimed to be Dalí’s daughter for over a decade has not given up. To support her contention, Pilar Abel has had two previous paternity tests performed — one with inconclusive results, another that allegedly never sent her results. Now a Spanish court has granted her request to have Dalí’s body exhumed from a crypt in Catalonia so a third test can be conducted.
Learning from the Best, A reflection by Marwan El Khoury on his time at Penn State working with Dr. Mitch Holland
During April-June of 2017, the Holland Lab was fortunate to have a visiting scientist in their laboratory from Leicester, Marwan El Khoury, as part of the INTREPID Forensics program.
It Might Be Impossible to Get Away With Crime Some Day featuring former Penn State faculty, Jenifer Smith
A great article on the Forensic Sciences and the advancements that have made solving crimes easier than in the past, featuring Jennifer Smith. Jennifer Smith is a 23 year veteran of the FBI, was a former professor at Penn State in the Forensic Science Program and is now the Director of the Department of Forensic Sciences in Washington D.C.
Dr. Holland to serve as Scientific Advisor to SoftGenetics after acquiring Mitotyping Technologies
New course being offered in Spring of 2018
ANTH/FRNSC 497 - Historic Forensic Identification
Forensic Science Club hosts successful nuclear fallout haunted house ahead of Halloween
Mackenzie Pickford