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Q: Can I take classes over the summer and have them transferred to Penn State?

A: Yes, you can take summer courses at another Institution as long as the course is considered equivalent to a Penn State course offering and you received a grade of C or better in the course.  For more information, visit:   It is always good to check the equivalency BEFORE taking the course at another Institution.  Be sure to use the Transfer Evaluation Tool to identify PSU equivalent courses (NOTE: General Credits ≠direct equivalent) or talk with your adviser to learn more about having a course evaluated for equivalency.


Q: How do I declare my minor?

A:  A minor can be declared through eLION.


Q:  Which CAS 100 course should I take?

A:  All of the CAS 100 courses are designed to provide you with the basic principles of communication; however, the differences in the courses are based on how the principles are implemented.  CAS 100A and CAS 100S are focused more on the presentation of speeches.  CAS 100B utilizes group problem solving and CAS 100C focuses on the evaluation and analysis of messages.  Any of the CAS 100 courses will fulfill your General Education requirement.


Q:  Which ENGL 202 course should I take?

A:  ENGL 202A or ENGL 202C is recommended.  ENGL 202C is “Technical Writing” and intended for students in scientific or technical disciplines; ENGL 202A is “Writing in the Social and Behavioral Sciences” and focuses on writing persuasive arguments and issues in the social sciences.


Q:  Can I take MATH 140B?

A:  MATH 140B, MATH 141B, CHEM 113B, and CHEM 213B can be used to fulfill your degree requirements.  The “B” indicates that a biology or bioscience emphasis will be used in the course.


Q:  I am considered a “pre-major”.  What does that mean?

A:  A pre-major is a student who is working to complete the entrance to major requirements for their chosen degree path.  Most majors are not direct entry programs; this means that the majority of students will be considered pre-majors during their first two years of study.  Once a student has successfully completed the entrance to major requirements, they are eligible to apply for entrance into their intended major.

Pre-majors are assigned to academic advisers in their College and are encouraged to stay in contact with their degree program even though they are not officially majors.


Q:  I began my courses at a Commonwealth Campus.  How do I make the transition to the University Park campus?

A:  Students who begin their studies at a Commonwealth Campus generally transfer to the University Park campus after their 4th semester.  For some campus locations, the move to University Park may need to be made earlier in order to permit adequate progress in the major.  Early change of location requests will not be granted if academic progress for the major can still be made at the Commonwealth Campus.

To learn more about the Change of Campus process, visit


Q:  I am a transfer student.  What things should I know about my transition to Penn State?

A:  Students who would like to transfer from their current institution to Penn State will need to contact Undergraduate Admissions in order to apply for admission.  More information about the transfer process can be found at:

After a student has received an offer of admission, he or she will need to apply for financial/student aid (if applicable), find housing, accept the admissions offer, access campus resources, connect with an academic adviser, and complete their semester registration.  More information about these steps can be found at:

If you have course work from your previous institution that did not transfer as a direct equivalent to a Penn State course, it is possible to have the course reviewed for equivalency.  Students should obtain the syllabus for the course from their previous institution as it is generally required for the review process.  The student should meet with their academic adviser to discuss the potential for equivalency and the review process.

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