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The Biology and Chemistry Emphasis

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To earn a bachelor of science degree in Forensic Science, a minimum of 124 credits is required. See an overview of the degree program. It is recommended that all students complete the Projected Course Scheduling Form and make an appointment to meet with Mary prior to scheduling to be sure you are progressing correctly through the program.  You can schedule an appointment with Mary through StarFish.

(For students who went through Entrance to Majors during the Spring 2014 semester or later)




  • The chemistry option provides a deeper understanding of and hands-on lab experience in analytical, physical, and inorganic chemistry. Those selecting the chemistry option can learn more in-depth about the forensic analysis of controlled substances, trace evidence, fire debris, ignitable liquids, and firearms and gunshot residue. 
  • Recommended Academic Plan
  • Checksheet  (PDF Version)
  • Supporting Courses (Printable PDF available at bottom of page)


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