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Forensic Science at Penn State University

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Crime Scene Cottages Preparing a slide Point of origin for blood spatter Use of the trajectory laser in the Cottage Adding vials to equipment Forensics students arrive at crime scene A student working with a fingerprint Analyzing evidence
forensic science focus

ATTENTION STUDENTS:  FRNSC 421W will no longer be offered in the Fall semester, please work with Tricia to plan accordingly

Welcome our new instructor, Wayne Moorehead and adviser, Patricia Hunt

Be sure to check out the Forensic Science seminars open to all students, faculty, staff, and community

about the program

Overarching Goals:

Be an international leader in forensic science education

Produce graduates that become future leaders in forensic science

Enhance academic excellence through a balanced emphasis on teaching, research, and service

Enhance the public's awareness of science through forensic science education

Forensic Science Program Values:

Rigor, Dedication, Commitment, Respect, Ethics, Accessibility

Code of Mutual Respect and Cooperation