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Forensic Science at Penn State University

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Crime Scene Cottages Preparing a slide Point of origin for blood spatter Use of the trajectory laser in the Cottage Adding vials to equipment Forensics students arrive at crime scene A student working with a fingerprint Analyzing evidence
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April 14, 2014 Newsletter

2014 CSI Summer Camp for high school students June 15-19, 2014 - hosted by the American Academy of Forensic Science and The PSU Forensic Science program

Job Posting: Chemist, Criminalist and Director, Forensic Science, The Pennsylvania State University


about the program

Overarching Goals:

Be an international leader in forensic science education

Produce graduates that become future leaders in forensic science

Enhance academic excellence through a balanced emphasis on teaching, research, and service

Enhance the public's awareness of science through forensic science education

Forensic Science Program Values:

Rigor, Dedication, Commitment, Respect, Ethics, Accessibility

Code of Mutual Respect and Cooperation