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The South Carolina Universities Research and Education Foundation

Nuclear  Forensics Undergraduate Scholarship Program -- Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Domestic Nuclear  Detection Office, the NFUSP provides scholarships to qualified  undergraduate students pursuing degrees in disciplines relevant to  technical nuclear forensics including physics, chemistry, nuclear  engineering, and material science. Scholars gain hands-on experience  through summer research opportunities at the Department of Energy  national laboratories, including close interaction with technical  experts throughout the national nuclear forensics community. The NFUSP  aims to build a viable student career path in nuclear forensics in order  to cultivate the next generation of highly qualified scientists in this  critically important field. Please see the instructions for application and the application form.

PSU Forensic Science Scholarships:

Each year the program is routinely given funds to support students in the Forensic Science major.  To be eligible you must be in the major, complete the scholarship form and have it to by May 1.

The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners:

AFTE awards $2000.00 annually to students seeking a career in Forensic Science. Applications will be reviewed and recipients chosen by the Scholarship Committee prior to the annual AFTE Training Conference.

University Libraries Scholarships:

Are you aware of career opportunities as a science librarian?  Science librarians are employed by universities, government agencies, industry and even large public libraries.  Jobs range from entry level reference librarians to bioinformatics librarians and specializations are numerous, from catalogers to data curation information professionals.

 Science Scholarships:

A number of scholarships and awards for Eberly College of Science students have been endowed through the generous support from friends of the College. Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students, however due to limited funding scholarships are highly competitive.

Office of Student Aid Scholarships:

Penn State scholarships are highly competitive due to limited funding. Scholarships are included in your Student Aid Summary on eLion and count toward your cost of attendance.

Administrative Unit Scholarships:

Scholarships are offered by some Penn State administrative areas.

Academic College Scholarships:

Academic college scholarships are based primarily on scholastic performance.

Campus Scholarships:

All Penn State campuses award scholarships to eligible first-year students based on academic performance, SAT/ACT scores, financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), leadership, and community service.

Outside Scholarships:

You may be eligible for outside scholarships from businesses or organizations in your local community with which you have affiliations.


Information and resources for Federal, Pennsylvania, and out-of-state grants.


About the Federal Direct Stafford, Parent PLUS, Graduate PLUS, and Perkins Loans, as well as federal loan servicers and resources for private alternative loans.

Federal Work-study:

Federal Work-Study allows you to earn money to help cover non-billable educational expenses by working within your college or campus, University office, or at an off-campus, nonprofit organization. Positions are available at every Penn State campus.

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