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Welcome to students visiting from the University of Split in Croatia

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23 September 2016 -  We want to welcome the students from the University of Split that are visiting Penn State from 21 Sep to 3 Oct as part of a student mobility program in Europe, and as part of the strategic partnership Penn State Global Programs has with the University of Split.  Alen Soldo, Vice-Rector, University of Split, has accompanied the group. The student interests range from music, engineering, computer sciences, to business.  The connection to Forensic Science is through Mitch Holland who has been working on behalf of Global Programs this year to help advance the partnership with the University of Split. In October, Dr. Holland, 8 other faculty members from Penn State, and Marty Trethewey (Director of the  Global Engagement Network at Penn State) are traveling to Split for a Collaboration Workshop where matched faculty in Split will meet with our faculty to develop teaching and research interests that will benefit our students and programs.

The partnership with University of Split facilitates student exchange programs; faculty exchanges; joint research projects; educational programs in forensic science and other scientific disciplines; faculty development; and the exchange of scientific materials, publications, and information.

Learn more about PSU partnership with University of Split.

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